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Xbox 360 Overheating Problem?


I have tried everything. Vaccuming out all the holes on my Xbox, having it on wooden blocks so the bottom is not closed, putting to blow behind it, and it is on a hardwood floor. But everytime I launch a game it overheats within 5 minutes, but if I just sit at the Dashboard or play Uno online there is no problem. Please help?

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  1. Brian the damage has already been done to the xbox. Let me explain how it works.

    On the cpu and gpu there are thermal sensors. These thermal sensors are linked to a chip that controls the higher functions of the xbox. The thermal sensors will increase the voltage to the fans if they see a relative increase in temperature. This is where your xbox is having a problem. The xbox doesn’t see the increase in temperature and can’t take the heat away fast enough. You either have a poor connection to the sensor which is located on the processor die or you have a problem with the connection of the sensor.

    Simply put to fix this you need to take the xbox apart and replace the thermal compound on the processor die. You can also replace the xclamps with washers and bolts to help even out the pressure on the circuitboard. If it’s anything more than replacing thermal compound you’ll need a reflow to fix your xbox.

    Check out this link to help you fix your xbox.

    [url is not allowed].

    If you have any other questions you can contact me via my yahoo answers profile page. I also offer cheap repairs if you’re interested.

  2. They sell a cooling unit for them you can buy. Otherwise you can download the game onto the hard drive from the disc and then it will not over heat. It is the cd spinning that causes it to heat up. I can’t remember how to download games from the disc but look online for the info. then just play it from the hard drive.

  3. Xbox 360’s have overheating problems. Some are worse than others. I suggest buying a Playstation 3. used to own an Xbox 360 and i sold it cause it cost me soo much money buying all of the extra stuff it need to work on everything that my Playstation 3 did. Plus the online is free for Playstation. It might not be as good as Xbox Live but it is good enough to have have fun and play with friends. There are some really good Playstation only games for the PS3 too.

  4. RROD. I hope the system is under warranty or else.

    You should have the system sitting upright and you could buy an intercooler but if your system is still under warranty and it still breaks then the use of the intercooler could void your warranty. However, this is true if Microsoft finds out that you used an intercooler.

  5. I think something is wrong with your cooling fans or there is some kind of problems with the hardware. Send it to Microsoft or have an engineer look at it. Good Luck!

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