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xbox 360 or ps3?


so im trading in my 360 for a ps3 no fanboy talks saying “why would u trade it in” and stuff cuz i hate fanboys. so what are the pros and cons on the ps3 and what doesnt the ps3 have what the 360 does and what doesnt the 360 have what the ps3 does plz tell me

and ohh if i trade in a xbox 360 (60gb) and these games mk9,naruto ultimate ninja storm 2,dbz raging blast 2,street fighter 4, fable2,mk vs dc, gta 4, fifa 10,smackdown vs raw 2009,dbz burst limit and halo 3 for a ps3 slim how much would i need to pay for the ps3 slim if i trade those games in or would the ps3 be free ohh and + 1 controller and play and charge kit how much would the ps3 slim cost?

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  1. I have both, but the ps3 is better fr these reasons:

    Has a fan

    Doesnt crash

    Doesn’t over heat

    Don’t have to pay for online

    Don’t have to pay for wifi connection


    And for the xbox:

    Allright online gaming


    Xbox live party

    Change your gamertag
    Add me on psn if you get ps3 : gonepikeing

  2. first off I’m not sure of the trade in value that would be up to GameStop, or some similar trade-in store, fyi they have trade-in deals going on right now because of E3

    Ok so the 360 doesn’t graphically perform better and doesn’t have a blu-ray payer or play true HD games like the PS3. Many people also prefer the PS3’s controllers compared to the 360’s. The 360 also has many issues with the Red Ring of Death (processor malfunctions), I personally know at least 5 people who have had this issue.

    That being said the 360 has better online support and play. I personally like the 360 online layout compared to the PS3’s. The 360 also has a removable hard drive and makes it easier to transfer content. Also Microsoft has never been hacked and compromised like Sony, however I did get free stuff out of Sony for it.

    Overall it comes down to personal preference, I enjoy playing my PS3 more but hardly any of my other friends have one so its hard to compare things with them.

    Oh and probably as of next month you have to pay for online play for both / that guy didnt read the memo

  3. I prefer PS3 but to help you decide



    1. Free Internet

    2. Blu-Ray Player and thus better graphics and more storage space for more content.

    3. Rechargeable Controllers

    4. Sony is more generous, the PSN store is offering 2 Free games and free plus subscription to users right now. Their are also better free things in their store than the xBox store.

    5. Very strong Wifi included.

    6. When you buy the PS3, no additional accessories are needed except maybe an extra controller and game.

    7. There are more and better exclusives on the PS3 like ModNation Racers, Little Big Planet, God of War, Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, Buzz Trivia and more!


    1. Less people have PS3 at this point because originally it had a ridiculous price tag of $600 and also the 360 came out 1st so it had more time to develop.

    2. The online can lag from time to time but it’s nothing major. Would you pay $60 a year for the sake of a 2 minute lag?

    3. No cross game chatting, you have to be playing the same game to chat but you can still message across games.

    xBox 360


    1. Much better for fans of shooting games as their are more exclusives centered around shooting.

    2. More people have friends that have 360s.

    3. Cross game chatting

    4. Lag-free


    1. The controllers require AA batteries

    2. Wifi is weak and many need wifi adapters which cost over $40

    3. Internet cost $60 a year

    4. Known to overheat and break extremely easily

    5. So many additional costs.

    6. No Blu-Ray Player

  4. I guess you must know the pros and cones of both the consoles by now( The other answers).

    Buy a 360 instead, it has a kinect which is so cool.

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