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XBOX 360 Live confusion?


My subscription for 13 months on xbox live is over, and when I logged on to my xbox account, it said to renew right away. It then gave me three options of 12 months, 3 months, or month to month. I clicked on one of them and then went back to the home page. DID I BUY THE ONE THAT I CLICKED ON, OR WOULD IT HAVE ASKED ME FOR A CREDIT CARD NUMBER? I’m not sure. Please help.

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  1. if your credit card number is stored on your xbox console, then it’s more probable that you bought the one you clicked.

  2. You would have had to choose which option you wanted, then you would have gone to the confirmation of payment page. So if you didn’t select a payment method (even if the credit card is saved on your account) then it shouldn’t be charging. You can double check by logging into xbox.com and looking at your account information.

  3. If your credit card number is stored on your xbox 360 then chances are that you have bought the one you accidentlly clicked on. If your credit card information isnt stored it would have asked you for that information.

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