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which xbox 360 is best to buy?


hey so im thinking of buying a XBOX but have absolutely no clue which model is best. from what i can gather the arcade one is like the “basic” model but i could be wrong and the elite is the best. but then u have all the different “GB like 60 and 20” so would really like your help on which model would be best for me. i like to play games on line like COD but am not overly “obsessed” well i like to think im not 😉

So could you please help 🙂 thanks

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  1. The basic arcade model with 512mb memory is the exact same motherboard internally as the elite, all you get with the elite to justify the name is an audio adaptor, ethernet cable a hd component lead and a 120gb hard drive.

    Youre better off buying a newer slim 4gb and adding a bigger hard drive at a later date as all the older models of the xbox are prone to RROD especially the 20gb models

  2. For me i love the Xbox 360 with kinect because i can play with my family. I also like a big hard drive so i could store tons of games. I also like playing Halo. Love the game.

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  3. the xbox 20GB. 20gigabytes is plenty of memory for casual game playing and it is the best bargain for roughly 125$at gamestop. also the reason why the xbox360 has always been better than the ps3 is its console only game such as halo. if u buy any halo 3 or reach it will make it worth it to buy an xbox

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