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What is a flashed xbox?


Is it worth buying and what functions are disabled by microsoft if you do?

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  1. I would not buy one unless you know exactly what you are getting into. When you say flashed I would guess that you also mean modded. Search about modded Xboxs and that might bring more answers. Modded Xboxs are cool to have (they allow you to download games off of the internet and burn them onto a DVD DL and play them on your Xbox). But you will probably get banned from all online content if you are caught (No Xbox Live, no marketplace, not even Netflix)

  2. There is some misinformation from the other ‘answerers’ which I should address. A flashed Xbox 360 does not have a reprogrammed BIOS (that would require some serious hacking skill into the Xbox 360’s boot sectors) but a disc drive who’s firmware/software is replaced with a modified or ‘cracked’ version to trick the Xbox 360 into ‘thinking’ that burnt copies of games are the real deal. Many flashed Xbox 360’s can be detected on Xbox Live, and MS is cracking down on them. It isn’t really worth buying if you can’t go on Xbox Live. If you do get detected your Xbox 360 is permanently banned, and therefore unusable online so only SP parts of games will be available to play.

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