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should i get this xbox 360?


i want a 360, i have a headset, someone is selling one for 70, its 4gigs, i wont put on music or movies, just want to play online games, is it worth it? also includes 1 wireless controller
only game i want is black ops, and i only have 60$ atm, i dont need anything else i think if i can get them down to 60 i will
Update 2:
should i get it then get an external HD then?
Update 3:
i currently have a 40g ps3, so if i need extra gb, i just can use my ps3 instead of 360

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  1. Sounds like a good idea if the 360 works fine. The only thing is if it is old, it might not have much time before the motherboard goes bad.

  2. honestly no you shouldnt. i have had live for a couple years now, and my profile alone takes up like 10gb. i have a 250gb harddrive so it doesnt matter to me, but if u bought the 4gig you would have to be very carefull about anything you update and any games you play. (to play anything online the game must be updated and sometimes these updates can take up alot fo space, not to mention the dashboard must be updated and that one takes up space). it would still work if all you are going to get is black ops and just play that game online. it would get laggy and be slow, but it would work. i just recommend not having more then like 2 profiles on there.

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