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Question on PS3 to PC link?


I’ve heard there’s a cord you can use to directly link your PS3 to your PC and share files, but what cord is it exactly? Can you use one of the cords that comes with the PS3? Where does the cord go, and what is the procedure to get files from your PC to your PS3?

In short, I’m really not sure exactly how to do this, so can someone explain it to me?

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  1. For enabling Media Server function your PS3 and PC must be connected via the same router. You’ll need standard RJ-45 (Ethernet cables). After this download ( free from http://www.tversity.com ) program TVersity and install it. Share wanted media there. Enjoy!

  2. i would not use a cord i would bye a wireless router its cheap and works better without the hassle of a cord if you need more help feel free to email me at [email is not allowed]

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