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question about the original xbox?


did the original xbox have problems like the xbox 360 does now.please list the problems the original xbox had

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  1. My original Xbox had a problem which gave it

    a red ring.

    anyway i now have a orig. chipped xbox which i dont use anymore

  2. i work on old school consoles as a hobbie and almost every xbox is easily fixed. here is a list of things you might encounter

    corrosion on the bottom of the motherboard which is a tricky fix-symptoms: turns on the moment you plug in the power cord and won’t shut off with the power button, and shuts off randomly.

    dirty laser-symptoms: won’t read discs, game freezes.easily cleaned

    stuck dvd drive-symptoms: drive tray wont eject. easily fixed.

    power jack is loose- the system turns on with power button but shuts off randomly. fix: needs to be soldered back in place.

    other than these minor fixes you can do some awesome things with the old xbox. it is my favorite system once modded.

  3. the only problems i ever had was the laser, i had 4 xbox’s and am on my 4th 360 but never had the red ring only problems with the laser

  4. the original xbox just has a couple problems like not shaking it while its on or just not reading discs that are pristine but that might just be my console that does that.

  5. The original Xbox did not have any major problems that I am aware of. They never had something as big as the RRoD or any of the errors the new Xbox has. The original was very well made and it was very simple, unlike the Xbox 360. Although after awhile many of the original xbox simply stopped working, as was the case with my friends and my own xbox after a short 4 year life span.

  6. the only problem ive ever had with it is the drive tray gets stuck and i was just watching a youtube video mentioning if your xbox is ver 1.5 and below you need to remove the clock capacitor bcuz it might explode and ruin your xbox apparently

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