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PS2 and HDTV compatibility?


I have a PS2 and recently bought an HDTV from Samsung. The game plays perfectly fine, but the screen is either distorted or sometimes the colors are glaring. Is there a way to fix this?

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  1. The PS2 can support component video cables, but it still only does 320x480i (SD)

    A few games could support 480p-widescreen but there weren’t too many of them. (I think FFX, SOCOM, and Star Wars Battlefield 2 were among them.)

    The PS2 and PS3 use the same AV cable connectors so you can just go get a PS3 component cable kit ($20) and use that.

    It won’t do much for the PS2’s low-res graphics but it’ll ensure you’re getting the best possible picture. And if your game does support 480p, it’ll look a lot clearer if you enable that feature (read the manual to learn how.)

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