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PlayStation 3 DualShock Metal Controller?


I’ve been a hardcore PlayStation player for thirteen years, and I have a. small. temper problem.

When impossible things happen during my gaming, I tend to throw my controllers. Specifically PlayStation 3 controllers. I have broken six controllers since I got my PS3, and I’ve looked everywhere for a more sturdy model that can withstand my abuse. I was wondering if any of you know of a company, or person, that would make DualShock controller casings out of metal, or any material more sturdy than that with which they are currently mass produced. or if this is even legal, due to copyrights.

I understand that there would still be a ‘shock’ aspect to the damage my controllers attain, even if made of metals. But, this is less a problem than the breaking of the actual plastic casing.


  1. Enter Power A’s Pro Elite Wireless PS3 controller, a nifty little gadget that mimics the design of Xbox 360’s controller but works exclusively with Sony’s PS3. It’s not quite a perfect piece of hardware but more than adequately fills the void of an Xbox 360 controller design that works on PS3.

  2. I used to have the same problem, so I feel your pain. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s any such shock absorbing controllers available. I, too, have looked for one, and I personally haven’t come across any. So unless someone’s making them in secret or I just haven’t looked hard enough, all I can say is good luck.

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