Home Playstation Forum my son’s PSP Vita went completely black?

my son’s PSP Vita went completely black?


it’s on because you can see the Playstation button on (blue) and the screen have a thin blue line all way in the bottom, we think everything is working fine but the screen is black.help!! we bought that not even 3 months ago.what should we do?.Thank you in advance!

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  1. if you can hold down the power button for about 1 minute to turn it all the way off. then hold power and pen button for 10-15 seconds. if your lucky you will get a screen that says you can reboot or restore and a few other options. hope this helps. i think me and you had the same problem and this worked for me!

  2. It looks like it has a defective component in it. You’ll likely have to send it in to get it repaired, straight from Sony. But in the mean time, try holding the power button down for 30 secs and see if it’ll shut off or restart.

  3. call sony , it’s got a warranty so use it

    get your original receipt out ( no receipt means no warranty ) and phone 1-800-345-7669 tomorrow , office hours are 8am to 6pm pacific time mon. to sat.

    also needed are the serial and model numbers off the psvita label , The person you talk to in playstation support will tell you some things to try and if none work they’ll send a prepaid box to return the broken console in and send back a working psvita

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