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IS there Going to be a Mini PS3?


I have mini ps2 and is awesome so im like so its been like almost like 5 years , so theres defetnetly going to be a mini ps3 now did it came out yet and if doesn when will it come out? or did it already came out than where should i buy thanxz


  1. the questions that I’ve answered on here were great but ur question gets 10 stars because u made a interesting point. thats something great thinking u have there. but i dont know. that the most interesting question that i ever heard. 2 thumbs up. if i had 10 thumbs. i would raise them. (joking hahhahahah)

  2. No, Sony has not yet released the PlayStation3 Slim, infact the PS3 is still in its infancy stages.there is a 20,40,60 and 80 gb models out and there’s talk of a larger 120 gb and that is when i expect sony to launch the PlayStation3 Slimline.

    and expect it to be around 350-500 and expect it fall 09 or early 2010. gl


  3. Well i think the mini ps2 ur talking about is the psp. The playstation portable. Since they made that i dont think there going to make a ps3 of wat ur saying

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