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Is there a way?


ok, so i have unreal tournament 3 or 2 idk for the ps3. i have a computer with 2 cd cartridges and i was wondering if its possible if i can transfer the unreal tournament game data to a blank cd with 4gs of memory. IS this possible cuz im sure that it is. Please tell me how and be specific.

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  1. I think it’s not possible because you should have a blu-ray writer first. not a normal dvd-writer.

    because ps3 cd is a blu-ray


  2. No. Even with games that don’t make use of blu rays storage potential (like UT3), you would need at least a dual layered DVD. Also, the copy protection for the ps3 hasn’t been broken yet, so even if you had a blu ray burner, it would do you no good.

    Sorry, but it will probably be a very long time before people are able to easily burn copies of PS3 games.

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