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Is It Ok To Buy Used Playstation 4?


Yes I can Afford brand new. But buying used in good condition or use like new will save you money. Who doesnt want to save money? So whats your opinion? Planning to buy used ps4 at amazon or craiglist.

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  1. its fine but you won’t get any warranty so even if you save 50 dollars not having a warranty is not worth the savings if that used ps4 was abused and breaks on you

  2. Honestly buying used electronics products isn’t a good idea. Buy it new and that way you’re covered under a one year manufacturer’s warranty in addition to the retailer’s warranty/return policy.

  3. Buy from amazon, from a reputable seller. Cragslist, anyone can say anything, and if it turns out to be a sham, then it’s buyer beware. Amazon at least has some semblance of customer protection. If a seller jips you on a deal, amazon will remedy the situation.

  4. Nothing wrong with buying a used PS4 but it’s where you buy it that could be the problem. Craiglist has a lot of scammers on there, so make sure it is legit before purchasing it.

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