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im getting comcast internet soon and i want to play ps3 online how do i hook it up?



  1. This is actually really easy, so when you get Comcast installed they will give you a modem that you internet runs out of and thats what you need. (Just an aside though, they charging you for that modem and you can go on [url is not allowed] and get a motorola surfboard modem for about 35 dollars and come out ahead on that and not pay for it every month.)

    So back to the net, after they hook up the modem and you verify you have internet on your computer, then you will notice that in the back of the modem there are usually 4 jacks, that look like big phone jacks for the ethernet cables. Get an ethernet cable that is long enough to reach to your PS3 and plug it in. After that, just go to your network settings on the PS3 and set it to “wired” and follow the instructions and its good to go. You can also do it wirelessly, if you have a wireless router like I do since you don’t have to run all the cable and its basically the same deal. From their, you can basically do whatever you want, including starting to stream media from your computer and all kinds of good stuff. Hope this helps and please check out our website for PS3 game reviews and news.

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