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I’m getting an xbox 360 and for people who have call of duty.?


im getting an xbox 360 tomorrow and i really want call of duty but i don’t want to but the wireless adapter and xbox live, so is there any way i can play call of duty on xbox without internet? because i can’t afford the adapter or xbox live.


  1. BUY A PS3!

    you will just run into way to many problems with your xbox, they are to unreliable. if you were to buy a ps3 you could play online anywhere in your house because it has built in Wi-Fi.

  2. what do you mean adapter? is it the wireless adapter? well you can get 1 month free xbox live if you sign up. and if you get xbox live add me josedlcrn and send me a message saying ur fromy yahoo answers

  3. Of course you can.

    You can play locally with friends or family with 2-4 controllers. Or you can play single player campaign by yourself.

    No internet needed for these. Only thing you need internet for is for xbox live.

  4. You can move your modem to the closest spot you can to your Xbox, and plug a LAN (ethernet) cable from your modem (or router) to your Xbox.

    I hope that answers your question. Sounded more like you want to play online without using the internet. If so, can’t help you.

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