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I was thinking Of getting a Ps3?


I was reading about the PS3, and I saw it gave free internet. But what kind of internet.Is it free or do you have to buy it?

Anything will help

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  1. well ps3 does NOT give free INTERNET. you can not use it as a router/modem.

    you need an INTERNET connection to be able to play online, or use the INTERNET. but if you already have internet at your house, then you can play PS3 online for free. no subscription like XBOX 360.

    I’m sorry your question wasn’t very clear. but i hope i answered it.

    forgot to add that you can either use wireless internet (if you have) or use an Ethernet cable to play wired. (preferred way, cuts down the lag)

  2. Unlike its competitor the xbox 360 with its Xbox live service. you get better services such as playstation home (coming out next month or sometime this month) playstation store, and now the newly added video store and you have the same capabilities as live except its free. Playstation network is free

  3. Unlike Xbox 360, you won’t have to pay any subscription fee to go online.

    Of course you need an internet connection to go online but you won’t pay any fees like Xbox LIVE does.

    It also has built-in wifi so its very convinient if you have a router.

    PS: You need an internet connection to go online.

  4. The internet is free as long as you have some type of internet already. So for instance , if you pay for comcast internet and then you can either hook up the playstation using a cable or if you have wifi you can to do that also. The only thing you would need to pay for is if you buy or rent movies and tv shows. Or if you buy add ons to games.

  5. Its, free. The online is free, downloading demo’s is, wallpapers, going on the internet, etc. Its a very reliable console, and very powerful as well. Great games are out for it to, and the graphics are the best out there. Well, if u have internet normally, then all u have to do is plug the Usb connector the Ps3 comes with in to ur computers router, and it will work.

  6. it is a free internet browser that allows u to watch youtube and most other sites but does not support flash player or some email sites.

  7. People need to stop saying “free internet”

    Theres a difference between “free internet” and a “free internet browser.”

    The PS3 has an internet broswer that allows to surf the web. You must already have an internet connecting (Broadband or DSL) to use the browser or play on the Playstation Network.

    Also the PSN has a free online community and Xbox Live you must pay for it.

  8. you can go on the internet on your ps3 but only if you already have an internet connection. We have high speed broadband through our cable company, and my husband hooked up the ps3 and can get internet on it. but it’s not free, you have to already have a connection.

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