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I just bought a xbox 360 elite and it already got the red ring of death?


smoke started billowing out from the sides and I heard a popping noise, the system turned off completely and when i turned it back on the screen stayed blank and i got the red ring of death. Does the xbox 360 really suck this bad, wow I knew I should of bought a PS3.
i bought it from target, not online

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  1. NO! no ps3 i had a elite and it got the red ring of death. Everything is free to get it fixed and it takes like a month. I’d rather do that then not have halo 3, gears of war 1 & 2, bioshock 1 & 2

  2. never buy a ps3 just return the system to headquarters and they would fix it for you also they would give you 1 month gold membership for free

  3. i would say that you should send it to microsoft. My xbox 360 got the ring of death too but i fixed it by wrapping it with towels and turn it on for about 20 minutes and it was fixed. But then i couldn’t play games i could only play for like 5 to 10 minutes because it would freeze so i just called the xbox customer support and they said that i could send it to microsoft and they will fix it. but the cost of sending it there is like 100 dollars =[

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