Home Playstation Forum I have a question about ALL these Cables for the ps3?

I have a question about ALL these Cables for the ps3?


Okay so they have these cables:


Component AV Cable

Optical Digital Cable

AV Cable

S- Video Cable

And any other cables that involve the ps3, can you explain to me what EACH cable does and which ones can be used if you have a regular tv or and hdtv and what is a ”composite” cable? I thought it was just component cables.

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  1. In terms of picture and sound quality, these are the cables from worst to best:

    -Composite ( aka AV Cables, the red, yellow, and white ones): Works on all TVs

    -S-Video: Works on all TVs

    -Component: Works on some SDTVs ( standard definition TVs) and all HDTVS. They have 5 connectors, 3 for video and 2 for sound, they’re red, blue, green ( for the video) + red and white ( for audio)

    -HDMI cable: Only works on HDTVs

    The cables above provide both video and audio

    Optical Digital cables are solely for sound (they provide better sound quality than Composite and S-video, although HDMI is better)

    Composite cables and AV cables are the same thing, they’re the cables that have the red, yellow, and white connectors and the ones that come with the PS3

  2. From Lowest to Highest Quality:

    AV Cable- also known as the composite cable; red, white, and yellow connector. Standard Definition. Max resolution is 480i. works on all TVs

    S-video cable: a little higher than the standard av cable; s-video, red, and white connectors. Standard Definition: Max resolution is 480i. works on all TVs.

    Component AV: Y/Cb/Cr – known for having 5 connectors (3 for video 2 for audio) max resolution 1080i; on all HDTV and on some standard TVs.

    HDMI (High Definition MultiMedia Interface): all in one cable and the best for high quality video. HDMI is only one cable so it can also carry audio. Max Resolution: 1080p. Only on HDTVs.

    Optical cable: only carries audio. optional cable for superior sound quality (although HDMI carries better quality audio than optical) compatible with most sound systems.

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