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How to go on live with a Flashed Xbox 360?


I have a flashed Xbox 360 and im not sure what firmware I have. Is there any way to connect it to internet and go on Xbox Live without being banned? I heard that even if i just connect it to Live then they can see all of my memory and see that i have played backup discs on my system. is there any way to Get around this?

Soo basically, my xbox 360 has been flashed for 2 years, i have been playing games that i have burned myself. i wanna go and connect it to live so i could play Xbox Live., what can i do to go online without being banned?

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  1. There is no solution available that will guarantee you won’t get suspended.

    When you chose to mod your system to play copied games you set yourself up to be discovered by Microsoft for piracy. This is probably the type of tampering that Microsoft pursues with the most vigor.

    Your safest bet is to buy a different console.

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