Home Xbox Forum how long will this take Xbox!?

how long will this take Xbox!?


does anyone know how long it will take Microsoft to fix the server problem

and what could I go on to keep me up to date

like twitter or something

and what page would it be

thanks 😛

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  1. They said “We have highly trained engineers at work to find a solution”. It has taken 4 hours. They must not be highly trained. See here for updates: [url is not allowed].


  2. I have the answer.

    Step one, stand up.

    Step two ask someone where the door is which goes “outside”.

    Step three, use these things that you were given once called “legs” and find the door.

    Step four, open the door! Then your nearly there.

    Step five, use your legs and step out of your house.

    Success! You have now changed your life.

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