Home Playstation Forum How do i fix my PS3 plzzz help?

How do i fix my PS3 plzzz help?


I plugged in the HDM1 cable and used it for a couple hours but now my PS3 wont work with my A/V cable anyone know anyway to fix this?

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  1. We had this problem also. We hooked our PS3 to an HD tv and had the video settings setup for HD. When our HD tv broke we tried to plug it in to a regular tv using a/v cables. Here’s the problem: because the PS3 is setup for HD it will not accept a/v. you have to manually go into the settings and change it yourself while it is plugged into an HD tv. Just go into settings/display settings and you should be able to change it. Hope this helped!

  2. You can reset the display setting by holding down the power button for 10 seconds until you hear a double beep. That should put the display back to default setting of A/V. If that doesn’t work you can access the settings while it is hooked up through the HDMI and reset it back to A/V.

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