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How can I fix this lag on my Xbox?


I have a 5.1 mbps speed and my xbox is right up to my router. My connection to games say its perfect, but yet when i play them, they lag terribly. I don;t know how it could be lagging, i have done port forwarding. Is there a way i can troubleshoot this male cow poop. (bullsh*t) Please dont put something cocky like get a PS3, I would like legit answers. Thanks!

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  1. Don’t worry I won’t be cocky and say to get the PS3 lol. That 5.1Mbps is probably your DOWNLOAD speed. Which is ok. Mine is 20Mbps. But when your gaming online your download speed isn’t important at all. It’s actually your UPLOAD speed. I’m not sure how to go about checking that on the Xbox since I don’t have one, but if you can find out how much your upload speed is that you get on your Xbox then it will explain why your lagging. There’s 2 reasons for online lag.

    1. Your upload speed is less than 400Kbps (anything else than that is either bad or next to useless for online. 400Kbps and up is good to excellent. My upload is just under 500Kbps, so I know it’s good.)

    2. The host’s internet connection/upload speed suck. If the host has a bad connection, then everyone will have issues online. If it’s just you, then it’s your connection and speed.

    To help with the lagging you should upgrade your internet to something faster. You should notice a difference then. Also, if your using WiFi instead of a wired connection then that will also explain it. WiFi isn’t as stable or fast as a wired connection with an ethernet cable. Just get an ethernet cable if you don’t already have on and plug your 360 into the router. It should also help. Otherwise, your router sucks (a lot of them do, so it’s nothing new.) If you have a separate modem, then plugging into the modem will give you the best connection and next to no lag online. Routers all have firewalls inside them, and port forwarding doesn’t actually do anything. It’s dangerous to anyway. But a direct connection into your modem will definitely improve your online gaming. The only thing with being in the modem is that no one else can use the internet at a time like they can with a router.

    Hope that helps.

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