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Heelp! me with my ps3 :((((((((((((((((?


I connect my enthernete cable to my ps3 reads fine but when i try to sign in to psn its says that there’s no enthernete cable conected what can i do? 🙁 I live upstairs and the modem is downstairs so the wifi signal isint to strong that’s why i use and want to use athe cord its frustrating

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  1. 1) Reset the modem

    2) Setup the PS3 for network: Settings > Network Settings > Internet Connection Settings > Easy or Custom. Easy automatically detects the connection, Custom lets you do it yourself.

    3) After setup, test connection.

    I had a similar issue a few days ago and resetting the modem worked. So try that.

  2. the cable might be damaged , wven a tiny break can make the connection unstable or even impossible. check the cable closely , if there is any break in it or the outer cable seems damages it may need to be replaced.

    you’ll also have to redo your internet connection to change from wifi to wired.

  3. Boy this is serious prob you need to call the sony service centre cause its very difficult to do it I have almost struggled 2 yr for connecting my psp to my wifi connection and i finally did but after my friend buyer the psp he did it in just one he told me that sony service centre can just do it in one min.I kneed that but father never allowed me to call the sony service centre.

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