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Does xbox LIVE cost money?


I want to know this.

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  1. The base Silver membership is free and it let’s you download game content, rent movies and TV shows, and send messages to friends. A Gold membership is what you pay for and it lets you do all the Silver stuff plus play online multiplayer games and access high profile demos early. It’s $8 for a month, $20 for 3 months, or $50 for a year subscription. You can purchase a prepaid subscription card or pay for it over Live with a credit card.

  2. *GOLD* membership costs money. This is the one where you can play on line with other ppl

    But Silver is always free. You can’t play w/ other ppl, but you can still buy stuff from the marketplace and chat w/ your friends. And some other stuff too.

    So if you can hook up your Xbox to your internet connection, you will be able to have Silver Membership right away.

  3. yes it does. you can either get a monthy subscription, or prepay. You can go to walmart and get a card for it.

  4. yes. xbox live gold cost about $60 for a year, $20 for 2 months, and $10 for 1 month. although, xbox live sliver is free but that only gives you access to xbl marketplace. but when you sign up for silver for the first time, you can receive a free month of xbl gold.

  5. Yes gold membership does cost around €60 a year and it will never be free because you can get so many free downloadable content. Silver membership is free but you cant talk to people in partys or download all that cool stuff or WORST of all you can’t play online games.SO if I were you i’d go for gold trust me it’s worth it!!

  6. PSN doesnt.

    Trust me, i play 60 player Resistance, 32 player Killzone 2. IT NEVER EVER LAGS, I ONLY HAVE A STANDARD HIGH SPEED DSL.

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