Home Xbox Forum Does this seem like a good deal for xbox 360 games?

Does this seem like a good deal for xbox 360 games?


I saw this posting on craigslist and I was wondering if it was a good deal because I want to buy all the games on here he says they are 5 bucks each and there is a lot of 3 games on there that is 5 bucks for the whole set. I just bought an xbox 360. and its on ebay this guy says.Here is the link:

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its on ebay i cant buy on cragslist

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  1. well out of the $5 games only BF4 is a good deal – and if it’s the one in the pic then it’s probably 4th hand. the 3 for $5 deal isn’t that good.

  2. Sure , Battlefield 4 is like $40 from Gamestop and thus if you want

    that game. Sure go ahead. its $5. Be careful , cause with ebay,craigslist and amazon you

    could be rip-offed. But its only $5 , so if that happens its nothing to cry about.

    If you don’t like the other games , you could sell them for more then you got them.

    Also , he wants you to buy from his ebay. So. you have to from ebay

    unless he will consider otherwise.

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