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Do I have to but the map packs for black ops twice to play them on both of my playstations?


I have two playstations, and I have one Black Ops disc. I want to be able to play on both of my Playstations with just the one disc.

Are the Map Packs downloaded to the disc or to the game system? If they’re downloaded to the game system, how do I get it on my other Playstation?

Thanks for the help!

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  1. just sign in on your other PS3 once you do the map pack will be available in the download section and no you don’t need to buy the map pack again

  2. ok it saves to your psn but no worries! ok go to your account go to ps store and go to downloaded at the top right by redeem code thingy and find the map you downloaded. btw this must be done on the same psn you used when u downloaded it and make sure your on the ps3 you want the download on. if your confused let me know and ill try and clarify

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