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Could i buy a new xbox disc and return it putting the same game that is unreadable in it and return it?


My cod black ops disc is unreadable and my dad wont let me spend another 60 dollars to get one. Could i go to best buy and buy and buy cod black ops and the next day i go return it and put the unreadable black ops disc in the new case but keep the new disc without telling best buy?


  1. If your cd is unreadable you could easily take it to the store you bought it from and ask for an exchage. So i dont know why your thinking about saving another 60 bucks just to fraud bestbuy. Unless your playing on a modded xbox 360 and playing a fake dvd copy of black ops which explains why it is unreadable.

  2. If it’s unreadable then I presume it’s been scratched? I would imagine Best Buy would check this and you’d get caught out.

  3. First, that is fraud.

    Second, MOST stores will NOT allow a return for refund of ANY open CD/DVD/game. They are limited to exchange FOR THE SAME TITLE, only, just because of “stunts” like you want to pull.

    It MIGHT be a good idea to determine WHY it is unreadable if possible; as it might be repairable.

  4. when u return it to the store they woulkd check it if they see its unreadeable they’ll give your money back. yes u can

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