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Can you Play online with an original ps3 game on a jailbroken ps3?


If you have a jailbroken ps3. for example 3.55 cfw. Can you buy an original game and play online. What if the game is an old game that dosen’t need a higher firmware than 3.55 can you still play that game online?

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  1. The games are not the problem, its PSN. Inorder to play online you must sign in into your PSN account first. And if you have a 3.55 CFW (even 3.56 OFW) you can’t sign in to PSN. It will ask you to update your firmware to the latest version [which is 3.65].

  2. From what I know I don’t think you can as retail games follow OFFICIAL firmware so therefore I don’t think it would work. However there is a way around with being able to change it back to official but I don’t know how to you’d have to look at the forums that talk about Jailbreak. That’s the thing with Jailbreak, it only likes games you put on the HD not games on a disc I think.

  3. nope and once online u will probably get introuble just update it and the jailbreak should be erased iknown i had mine jail broken and now u can’ tgo online there where ways but nothing now since the outage the fix that

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