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AOSS button on a Ps3.?


I’m looking for the Aoss button on a ps3 i know how to set the signal for my router up to recive it but i dont know how to set a ps3 up to send the signal. Only people who know what their talking about awnser please.

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  1. The PS3 doesn’t have an AOSS button. The AOSS (AirStation OneTouch Secure System) is made by Buffalo Technology. The button you’re trying to find is only gonna be on routers that support this system. I don’t know if its only Buffalo routers that have the AOSS or not. If your router doesn’t have this button, then you can’t setup the PS3 in the way you’re trying to set it up. You’ll have to setup the wireless connection manually.

  2. cant help you, but for the people that are like WTF! this is what he means “The PS3 does not have an AOSS button. AOSS (AirStation OneTouch Secure System) is used for wireless setup of devices for your network. Your router will have a button on it for this. If it does not then it more than likely does not have the ability to set devices up in this manner.

    To use this set up for the PS3 go to Settings – Network Settings – Internet Connection Setting – (Method) Custom – (Select Connection Method) Wireless- (WLAN Setting) Auto – AOSS. At this point the PS3 will tell you to push the button on the router and that you have two minutes or else the attempt to connect will stop.”

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