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xbox softmod to run backup discs?


my 360 has a liteon disc drive and a large hdd

im a n00b and want to make it run backup discs

ca i do this saftley myself

internet links would be appreciated
i have no intentions to go on live
Update 2:
i have no intentions to go on live

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  1. The guy that answered is full of it.

    I’ve been on LIVE for some years now, I make sure I keep updated on all firmwares and stealth patch the games.

    If you do the right steps, you’ll be safe online. Just keep it on the low down, don’t tell anyone about your bizz and you’ll be straight.

    As for the lite-on disc drive. Did you already mod the system with the current 1.5 firmware? If so, thats awesome and congratz for you.

    There are links on how to do them, but I can’t provide them due to me at work and it has a huge firewall on sites.

    Ask around on Gmodz.com see if they could help or go onto iOffer.com.

    They have some cheap deals on backup games at a very low cost. If you need names, I’ll provide them to you so you could get a sweet deal.

  2. Get on irc and xbins. Xboxscene.com has all the tutorials. xbins is on #efnet channel in irc.!list then connect ftp. They only give you 30 files a day.

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