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Xbox 360 live Gamertag Question?


My stupid friend though it would be “halirous” to avoid me, so I had 3 1/2 stars, this really bugs me. I got some friends to prefer me, now its like 4, but I can get it back to 5. Will I ever get 5 now that I have one avoid?

And no, he wont un-avoid me.

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  1. I don’t know, he’s a female dog (it will beep out *, see?) Okay. You just have to keep playing games, if you get alot of achievements you will eventually be all the way back up. Good Luck.


  2. The stars fill up no matter if you get good or bad feedback because it’s a percentage. You start out with 3 so he actually filled yours up a bit. They should fill up to 5 with a few more reviews, good or bad.

  3. yes. i have 5, although i got unsportsmanlike feedback. i must have stumbled into a knife boosting match playing waw a while ago, because everyone just went to the middle of the map and started stabbing. they didnt like me much as i shot and grenaded the whole lot of them, and at least one left me bad feedback. however, my rep is still 5, it never went down.

    you need to drop that clown as a friend, by the way.

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