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xbox 360 live friends question?


ok so we all know when a friend on live goes offline it says ” offline for 12 or watever days last playing watever game” but one of my friends it only says “offline” did he delete his acc or is the number of days offline so big that it wont even show it?

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  1. no when you hit the xbox button, you can go to preferences and choose to appear offline all the time. idk why but ome people do this. i think its so that people dont bother them

  2. If he deleted his account, his account would be removed from your friend’s list.

    His account my say “offline” due to a long time of inactivity, and the account will be considered not in use.

    Another reason why his account may say “offline” is because he has chosen to “appear offline”, much like on windows live messenger where you can choose to be “away” or “busy” for instance.

    Hope I helped

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