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Xbox 360 help please!?


I want to run my Xbox 360 through my computer screen. but i am really not sure at all how to do it. one of my friends told me i need a VGA connector, is he right? i have a Dell Inspiron 531s if it makes any difference, with a nice large monitor, that’s why i wan to use it. lol and if i do need a VGA connector does it plug into my monitor or my modem?

this is the computer i have if it makes any difference. i don’t think it does.but maybe. lol

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  1. What the computer is doesn’t matter. If you recently bought your xbox (last year or so) you can use a hdmi cable if your monitor has support for it. If you bought your monitor as a monitor, and not as a tv/monitor than you will most likely need to buy a vga cable adapter. You will need to plug the vga cable in to the back of your monitor, and the audio in the appropriate jacks. If your monitor doesn’t support the left and right audio jacks though, then you will not have sound unless plugged into an external source. Check for hdmi both on the monitor and your xbox. If they both have one then definitely use it! Hdmi carries both 1080 picture as well as sound. Vga only supports video. Hope everything works out for you! 🙂

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