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Xbox 360 Elite?!?


i need some help, i want a 360 Elite more than anything, but i can’t seem to get my hands on one, anywhere, is there a way someone, ANYONE, can help me get ahold of one of these, please? i’m begging, anything helps

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  1. i dont think you could get one it was sold out since the day it came out u probely hve no chance of getting one because there are a few hundred-thousand being produced i would perfer the 20 GB premium console.

  2. Wait maybe a few weeks, I know it’s really hard when you want something bad. I’m the exact same way, but trust me just wait and they’ll be there. I don’t know where you live, but up near Boston almost every Best Buy has them. Look online at stores e.g (Circuit City, Best Buy, Amazon, Ebay).

  3. I’ve only seen one actual Xbox360 Elite console in stores.

    It was at a Target selling for $479.99.

    But other than Target, I havn’t actually seen any in stores.

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