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Xbox 360 4gb or 250gb?



  1. See this equation:

    Xbox 360 with 250Gb = $297

    Xbox 360 with 4Gb =$200 plus hard disk which you need later on = $330

    I would recommend you 250Gb if your budget is $300 at this point but if your budget is like $200 then you would feel it easy to pay $130 after some months.

    Read this thorough review on the XBox, it’ll help you making the decision:

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    From my research, you can find the XBox at a good price here:

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  2. The 4gb xbox is great if your not into hard core gaming or want to use the system to store your videos or music. The point of this xbox is to allow people to afford multiple units. Also this system is priced to allow people to use kinect without spending a fortune. I’m more into using the system for gaming but since it actually has less than 3gbs of memory I attached my external hard drive. Although its a 250 gb hard drive, each port only allows for 16gbs. This is still more than enough for me. I suggest buying you xbox elsewhere though; I got mine from Walmart, w two games (Mass Effect 2 and Modern Warfare 2), 3 months online, 1600 Microsoft points, for 249.99. Shop around and enjoy you xbox! It’s a lot better than a PS3, haha. Overall though its a great system.

  3. I would just go for the 4gb then buy a 250gb hard drive on ebay for $49.99. Thats what I did anyway. Save $50-$60 bucks (plus the 4gb isnt all shiny and fingerprint prone).

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