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Xbox 360 3 Red Light Error – Repair Videos


Recently, there were lots of complaints about the hardware problems in the Xbox 360 console. Users are complaining about the red light error which occurs often while they are playing. One common complaint is that the console gets overheated soon and the display freezes. They are getting an error message called as E74 when this problem arises along with three red lights in the power ring area. This is called as the “Three Red Light Error” and among gamers it is popularly known as the “Red Ring of Death” or RRoD.


The reason for the RRoD to occur is the overheating problem. The overheating is due to poor design of the console. Experts had expressed their views about the current situation as Microsoft has brought the product to market in a hurry without proper testing and quality checking. As a result million of customers are suffering from this problem.

Now, the problem is that the heat sinks inside the console which are placed over the two processors i.e. the central processing and the graphical processing were unable to cool the hot air around the processor thus leading to failure of processors. Especially the graphical processor’s heat sink fails because only that region has recorded a very high temperature. All these problems are due to the poor design of the console. Saying that the new device is very light weight and more compact it has made all the components jam packed inside making no possibility for external air to move inside to cool the console.


There are many methods to solve the 3 Red Lights Error. One method is to give your console to Microsoft service center. But, you need to wait for a long period to get back your console. Moreover, Microsoft won’t repair modded consoles at any cost.

But many say that the best and the simplest way to solve the problem is by repairing the console on your own. For this you don’t need any sophisticated tools to undergo the repairing work. All you need is basic household tools like screwdrivers to do the repair work.

To complete the repair work successfully, you need to watch some videos which will guide you through the repair process. These videos will clearly explain you the step by step repair procedure so that the user can observe and repeat the same. By repairing on your own you can complete the repair work within an hour or two hours and can start playing with your console in the very next hour.

There are many ways in which your console can be fixed. For example, red light error occurs even due to poor connections. You can fix this by making the connections in place. Your console may also be experiencing any small problems like this which do not required much expertise and time to fix the console. These techniques are also explained well in the repair videos.

Xbox 360 Repair Video Tutorials

Repair your Xbox 360 by watching the videos online and fix your Xbox 360 now. This is the most recommended way of fixing your Xbox 360 by the Xbox gamers around the world. You can fix your Xbox in just one hour from now and start playing the games again. Save over $100 and also your valuable time. Just by using your household tools you can fix your Xbox and it’s pretty simple. Just give me ten minutes and I will show you how to fix your Xbox now. Watch the videos to [url not allowed] – Click Here. This method works great even for modded consoles.

Submitted On May 18, 2009Console SystemsThis article will teach you how to fix your Xbox 360. It’s very simple to fix your Xbox 360 without sending it to Microsoft. You can fix your Xbox on your own in just few minutes. Read this article fully to know how to fix your Xbox 360.xbox 360 3 red light error, xbox 360 3 red light fix, xbox 360 3 red light problem

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