Home Xbox Forum Will my fallen Xbox 360 be okay?

Will my fallen Xbox 360 be okay?


It is not my fault it is my clumsy sisters it fell and the frame kinda popped open popped it back in and it turns on i haven’t looked at the screen and tested it out yet are they strong are the made for stuff like that i hope so Has happened before thanks!

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  1. This kind of thing depends on how lucky u r.some xboxs die on u even tho u r taking good care of them. so relax.if it is meant to be then it is meant to be.

  2. My xbox360 has encountered many falls due to being kicked over by autistic brother sure it got red ring but I doubt it had anything to do with it and the xbox360 is one of those things where if you fear the red ring it will come but if you don’t give a * your xbox360 wont even freeze.

  3. chances are there is nothing to worry about the xboxes have proven to be.sturdy.chances are if there was a game running it is ruined though

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