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Why dose my ps3 only work on one tv?


My ps3 slim 160 gb only works on one tv in my room. I found this out just now when I went to my dads for the weekend and it will not hook up to any tv and when I was at my house it would not hook up to any other tv but the one in my room as well please tell me what is wrong and how could I fix it please.i use hdmi cables to hook it up( and power could of course).

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  1. So your using the HDMI right now? And you want to be able to use it on any other TV right? This is really easy to fix. You just have to reset the PS3 to use it’s default settings so it can use the AV cable again (the red, white and yellow pronged cable which is the Audio/Video cable) instead of the HDMI cable since that’s what the PS3 has been set to use right now. The HDMI will replace the AV cable basically, and vice versa. Then it will work on any other TV again once you reset it to default settings. To reset it to default settings do this: while the PS3 is off in stand by mode (red light) HOLD the power button until it beeps at you. That will reset it and it will go back to using the power cable and AV cable instead of the HDMI cable.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Need more information. What exactly do you mean “it will not hook up to any tv?” What kind of TV do you have in your room, and what kind of TVs are the ones it won’t hook up to?

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