Home Xbox Forum Where do I find a Microsoft Points Generater for Xbox live points?

Where do I find a Microsoft Points Generater for Xbox live points?



  1. Nowhere. They don’t exist.

    Codes need to be activated when they are purchased, so even if you did get the code it wouldn’t work anyway because it needs to be activated (and no, you cannot activate the code yourself).

    If you want the points, you’re just going to have to buy them.

  2. If you follow this link ([url is not allowed]), then you can go and complete offers for points. These points can be used as cash to buy items directly from Amazon.com. You don’t even have to spend money to complete these offers. It’s a very easy way to get Microsoft Points for free

  3. There is no such thing. You cannot generate a working code because they have to be activated when you buy them from a store or over Xbox Live. They scam you to steal your account and sell it off. If you do a search on here, you will see how other people have been scammed by those generators and have had their accounts stolen. Also, don’t fall for survey and referral sites. They take months of surveys, signing up for sites, and scamming people into following your referral links for you to get anything and then never get those rewards. The guy above me who linked to that site is trying to do the same thing by getting you to sign up under his code.

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