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When I shake my PS3 controllers I can hear something move around. It’s small. Does this mean it’s broken?


I was playing a game when I moved my comtroller a certain way and I heard something move inside of it. It sounds like a small piece of something but I’m worried. Does anyone know what it could be and does it mean my controller is broken and no good?

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  1. you probably dropped and some little plastic support went loose, it’s no big deal, as long as the controller responds well, you’re fine.

    i had the same problem with my ps1 and ps2 controllers and it worked fine.

    don;t worry about it

  2. Maybe But If Still Works Its Fine Its Just Means A Part Of Controller From Inside Got Loose And Fell Off But If Doesn’t Work Very Well Then You Might Need To Buy A New One

  3. have you droped your controller down on the floor for any reason if so then it could be a piece of plastic are a screw from the inside of your controller nothing ever to worry about in it is not broken just take a small screw driver in take the screws out of the controller when you have all the screws out open it up not to fast cause you do have wire inside ok just shake the controller just alittle bit what ever it is will come out when finish doing that just put the screws back in the controller in tight the screws down intill they stop ok just take care of your controller :)ava06

  4. No that’s fine that happens to mine too. Actually at first I thought it was broken but then I went over my friends house and his controller did the same thing so no need to be worried

  5. my friend has an xbox controller that does the same thing.

    the piece that makes the remote vibrate came loose and spins on the inside, we know this because he controls are see-through.

    it works fine though, nothing wrong with it.

    hope i helped(:

  6. it is a gypsy soul. they are installed in each and every controller by the level 3 dark wizards at Sony Electronics. this assists with the console’s main function – overheating.

    and guess what! I just got 2 points!

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