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When I plug in my PlayStation 3, white lines float up the screen, there’s fuzziness, and there is a low noise?


Please, help me.

I was going to record it, but my videos will not upload, right now. :^[

Anyway, when I plug in my PS3, there are white lines that continuously float up the screen. This is especially annoying when I play games. Also, sometimes, the screen gets fuzzy, momentarily, especially when playing video games. And, lastly, there is a low, annoying buzzing noise. I tried using my PS2 audio/video cable and have had the same issues. It is important that you know that none of these problems were happening before. I didn’t play my PS3 for, like, three months. Now that I’ve decided to start playing it, again. This is occurring. Pleeeeeeease, help me! Thank you, so much, for any assistance.

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  1. If you are using component/yellow,red,white than it might be worth your time to go and invest some money in a HDMI cable. if not bring it in to geek squad. we can definitely help,i work there 🙂

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