Home Playstation Forum what does a ps3 120gb slim come with?

what does a ps3 120gb slim come with?


does it come with manufactures warranty/guarantee and all the other things that it includes

thanks 🙂

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  1. One controller, the system itself, a one year warranty, and one cable that plugs the remote into the console for charging. It’s a USB cable with a different end on one end of the cable that plugs into your controller or your PSP. This cable can be used to connect a PSP to a computer too.

    Hope that helped!

  2. All PS3s come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty, along with 1 DualShock 3 controller, 1 USB to mini USB cord (to charge the controller, or other peripherals/accessories), 1 Composite AV cable, 1 Power cable, and of course, the PS3.

  3. it comes with

    # 1 x Wireless Dual Shock 3 controller

    # 1 x USB cable

    # 1 x AC power cord

    # 1 x AV cable

    # The PLAYSTATION®3 250GB model does NOT feature: Backwards compatibility with PS2 games, Memory Stick card readers, SACD playback, Ethernet cable

    plus the console

    sony provides a 1 year warranty aswell

  4. HEY.got one in december.it comes with 1 control,1usb cable(to charge control),1av cable and the unit itself.plus 1 years warranty and unfortunately EXCLUDING an hdmi cable(which was much to my despair and i ended up runnin straight back to the shop to get one)

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