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To all Playstation Fans Out there?


Being a fan of PS and Sony my whole life, it’s without a doubt that the 360 beat the Playstation 3 in sells. Rumors has it that PS4 (may be known as Playstation Orbis) is currently in development and maybe release next year, with that a question come to mind, what you guys think Sony should add or adjust to their upcoming PS4 that would make it sell more than Microsoft Xbox.

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  1. Drop the price.

    The PS3 has been more expensive than the Xbox 360 for almost this entire console generation, sometimes not by much but many people never look past Xbox 360 – $200, PS3 – $300. Even if you get more with the PS3 (Blu-Ray, hard drive) than you do with the cheapest 360 model.

    And the 360 was certainly helped by the 1 year head start over the PS3.

  2. Drop the price and i like what Xbox has done with the avatars and cross game communication PS3 could learn a trick or two off Xbox.

  3. Definitely drop the price. I had to wait like 3 years for it to drop to a point where I could actually buy it. Also, I want them to add backwards compatibility with PSP and PS2 games. That would be even more important than the price factor. I bet you like a million more people would buy it it had backwards compat.

  4. To me PS 4 should have these things:

    Cool running (not loud and not get hot)

    Backward compatability with PS 3 Games Or Have them as digital downloads

    6x-12x Blu-Ray Drive so we dont have to install games every time

    Cross game chat/ Part mode

    Larger PS game library

    Price $500 or under

    Ability to change gamertag/psn id

    every feature XBL has

    minimum 4gb RAM

    More Stable network connection

    High reliability (NO YLOD or RRoD)

    Changable hard drives

    An improved controller ergonomically

    Ability to stream data instead of always needing to download (Like game trailers, announcements)

    More common off the shelf parts to make programming easy and to keep costs down.This way ports will be made evenly.

    Most of all have medium-high performance meaning we should be able to play games at native 1080P at 60 frames per second average with AA enabled.

    faster wifi ports

    less controller latency

    I could go on.

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