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Sony KDL-55EX503 Review


If you are looking for an attractive Sony TV model, you should review the Sony KDL-55EX503. It has some very interesting features that you have to see and experience. It comes with eco-friendly features that reduce power consumption so that you have lower electricity bills. The Idle TV facility automatically switches off the television so that energy is saved, when the set is not being used at all. Backlight levels are dimmed by the power saving mode so that viewing is comfortable when lights are reduced. If no signal is sensed from the connecting computer in 30 seconds, the TV is switched to stand by mode.

Some Feature Highlights

The Sony KDL-55EX503 is a TV with High Definition Output at1920 x 1080 pixel picture resolution which gives you quality detail in picture viewing. It has an expansion 55 inch view screen that enables you to enjoy a large screen effect. It also includes 4 inputs through which you can connect High Definition Sources like Blu-ray Disc and Playstation. It has Image Blur Reduction through which you can enjoy viewing clear, smooth images. It includes Cinema Mode options through which you can select between two cinema modes for viewing. This gives you a more in-depth movie experience through features like color settings, brightness settings and film-like textures. It has DLNA that allows you to stream photos, movies and music to the television from devices such as music player, mobile phone and laptop. Wi-Fi feature enable you to check for online content. The In-Built Tuner enables you to enjoy Freeview HD.

Better Picture Quality

The Sony KDL-55EX503 comes with features that make way for high quality picture viewing. The BRAVIA ENGINE 3 gives you a true-to-life picture viewing ability. You can see images on the Sony KDL-55EX503 through an in-depth detail. The contrast and color tones here are indeed impressive. The Ambient Sensor facility checks the brightness and color level in the room and adjusts picture quality so that viewing m is more comfortable for the eye. With a Motionflow 100Hz, it is possible to view images in that sharper quality than what you can see in a conventional TV. This is particular

High Quality Sound

The S-Force Front Surround technology enables you to enjoy digital surround sound through quality speakers. These rear-mounted speakers on the Sony KDL-55EX503 are positioned in such a way that they enable you to enjoy quality audio sound effects. Other features that enhance sound quality include Dolby Digital Plus, 5.1 Output technologies and Digital Amp. The Invisible 10W + 10W Speakers offer an amazing sound clarity.

What makes it Different?

You can watch terrestrial television without the need to go in for a box, as this set comes with built-in Freeview facility. It can be connected to other devices such as laptops, game consoles, and digital satellite. This Sony television comes with some of the most stylish feature s and you can be sure to enjoy perfect picture quality and sound clarity here. To conclude our little review, the Sony KDL-55EX503 is feature rich and you can use it to view pictures in high quality output and true sound effects. The features are easy-to-use and enable you to enjoy all movies, music, photos in High Definition output.

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