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Some Xbox 360 Questions! 4 Questions I need to know soon!?


Question 1. Is there any difference between the Xbox 360 Pro 60GB and the Elite, apart from the colour and hardrive size?

Question 2. I have been told that you can record gameplay on Xbox 360s and that this feature is inbuilt. (Apparently you use the guide button to start the recording) IS THIS TRUE?

Question 3. Can you record TV using the Xbox? I have read that you can, although I am not sure whether or not you need Windows Media Center or some other program.

Question 4. Can you put videos and other media on the Xbox via USB? Can you transfer files from the Xbox to a USB?

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  1. 1. I don’t think so, though you do get a black head set and 2 black controllers.

    2. No, unless there is a future update saying you will be able to.

    3. Not by the xbox it self you will need to have windows media centre.

    4. You can watch you videos and pictures on the USB, but you can not save them onto your xbox.

  2. 1 there is not that much different except that its black and the pro isn’t

    2 i don’t think so

    3 yes you can

    4 you can’t use a usb BUT u can try to convert it some way

  3. 1) yes and NO, the Elite has an HDMI port, but i think all the new 360’s will have this port.so not much difference, other than (of course) the HUGE amount of extra HDD space.

    2)No, you cannot do this.in Halo 3 you can save films.and that might be kinda what you’re talking about.but in general.you can not just record yourself playing a game.

    3) No, you can not record TV using XBOX.you can however, download TV shows from the XBL market place.you have to pay for each episode, and it is kinda like buying the show, episode by episode. if you plan on doing that alot, then i suggest getting the elite, because you will need tons of HDD space.

    4)you can WATCH videos from a USB on your 360, but you can NOT transfer them to/from it. You can even watch them from your PC, but again.you can NOT transfer to/from it.

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