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should I still take my xbox 360 elite 2 the store because of the ring of death?


I usually let my iPod charge in it at night and when I woke up it wus red. I can’t remember how many of them there were since I quickly turned it off. I came back later and turned it on 2 see wat’s wrong and it was gone.

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  1. No, run some games and see if it is working. Sometimes the ring of death appears due to overload of the power supply. This happened to me, but i turned it on after wards and it was working fine. Wait for a couple of days and make sure its running fine.

  2. It overheated from charging your iPod all night. Next time use your computer for that. It may not have caused any permanent damage though so let it cool down for a few hours. Unless you have a store warranty or are within the return period for wherever you bought it, you cannot return it to a store. You would need to send it in to Microsoft if you had any issues iif it wasn’t covered by either of those.

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