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Question about save file transfer on ps3?


So I downloaded a ps3 save online, save it to my usb, and then i copied it to my ps3. Now I see the save data clearly on my ps3, it shows where exactly the game is saved and how much playing time is there.

Does that mean I don’t have to “resign” the save? I don’t have the game yet so I can’t check but how would I know that I need to resign the save first before i can load it?

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  1. resigning means modding the file to show it was created on your console since all ps3 saves are locked to the user and psn account that made the file

    90% of the time resigning is not even possible , even if you can do it the game may not accept the save and if it does it will lock the trophies so you can’t get them since the save is modded and you can’t hide that ( sony can also ban you for modding saves )

    basically , you can’t load a save created by another user at all unless you can unlock the file and trick the ps3 into thinking it was made by you , Ask yourself what happens when the date the save shows is a month or two ago and is shows you got 30 trophies but when syncing to psn sony sees you didn’t get any of those trophies because if you did they would have been synced to psn on the dates they got earned , what do you think happens then? I’ll tell you , sony bans your account and console for using modded saves

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