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PSN/PS3 question.?


So because of my age, I had to to create a master account for me to get a PSN username. I put the master account on my PS3 user profile, and mine on a different one. I tried to log into my original profile because it had my (very few) trophies, but it wouldn’t let me. How can I log into my TRUE profile?
sorry, the account that I use is a Sub-account. the master is on the profile I want the sub to be in
Update 2:
I have 2 different profiles on my PS3

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  1. You need to supply more accurate information. Is you original account a Sub Account? If it is, you need the original Master Account it is associated with on the PS3 also. If your original account is a Master Account, then you just put the account on your PS3.

    The new Master Account will not allow you to put a Sub Account associated with a different Master Account on the PS3. Each Sub Account must have the original Master Account as well, or the Sub Account will not work.

    When putting the account on the PS3, use An Existing Account instead of Create a New Account.

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