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ps3 pns question not unlike the others?


so ive been hearing some hype about an error code in relation to the sony’s psn problem with that error code that i just cant seem to rember. any way my question to u is weather or not this is any thing to be worried about

my ps3 and games and back grounds and online nes and all that other stuff if fine exept for that error code that keeps happening signing me out of psn

is this something to protect my ps3 because i am getting a little worried

i am going to game stop today and i have to choose between a 20 dollar game or a 20 dollar psn card. at first i wuz thinking of psn card but not so much any more

btw that is 2 q’s

(any thing to worrie about?)

and(game or card?)

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  1. that error happen to me sometimes but my ps3 is fine what game is really 20 dollars worth buying besides maybe ninja gaiden if i was you id get psn and buy ps1 classics on psn

  2. Hasn’t been said yet if anyone needs to worry about losing their trophies and etc (like COD lvls) that is stored on the PSN. [url is not allowed].

    As for the Game or Card.They will eventually fix the problem with the PSN and their are many other things you could get on there besides games (add-ons and etc). But it is totally up to you, obviously, lol.

  3. no it isnt anything to wurry about its just sony updated there sight and kinda screwd things up with the psn there working on the problem as we speak so just be patiant and the error code is 8001050F

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